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Did you have a great experience with Halloween Express? We sure hope so! If you did we’d love to hear about it particularly if there’s one person in particular who went out of their way to make it an awesome experience. Or perhaps your experience doing business with us wasn’t what it should have been? While we work hard to make everyone’s Halloween shopping experience positive, we occasionally fall short of our objective. And when we do, we’d like to know about it so we can adjust and hopefully have an opportunity to fix the problem. Regardless of whether your experience was good or bad please use the form below to provide your feedback. We read all comments and take them very seriously.

In addition to providing direct feedback here, we also offer Product Reviews as well as Retail Store Reviews. You’ll find the option to write a PRODUCT REVIEW on the page for that product. You’ll find the option to write a STORE REVIEW for a specific Halloween Express retail store on the retail store page using our Store Locator.

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